Betonol Floor Coatings

A high quality and versatile range of resin floor products and wall coatings for application on concrete and cementitious substrates. These include water based epoxies, high build epoxies, self smoothing epoxies, self texturing, non slip and anti-static systems.

Betonol has a range of polyurethanes and several mortar repair mixes together with clear sealants. Methacrylate’s are also available for projects where speed of application is of paramount importance.

The typical uses for Betonol include warehouses, manufacturing plants, hospitals, power generation, chemical plants, nuclear industry, power plants, oil terminals, food processing and sports facilities.

To maintain and repair floors is a major issue in the UK. with HCC Protective Coatings able to provide free technical advice and systems for nearly all eventualities using Betonol coatings.

We have a list of approved applicators that we recommend, please follow this link to one of those applicators that we know have extensive experience using our coatings including works for the MOD at Hyde Park Barracks and for Magnox at Chapelcross Nuclear Power Station.

Why Choose Us

  • Over 35 years experience
  • Steel, concrete and protection coatings
  • Our Apexior coatings were formed in 1907
  • We freely provide architects, engineers and owners with coating specifications
  • Refurbishment of old intumescent coatings & acid resistant bunding